Iconic sky Tower Bangkok

Iconic sky Tower, 459m tall, at IconSiam in Bangkok.

True or not? I don’t know. They talk about it on Skyscrapercity but provide no source as to where the information is from. They link to Wikipedia but there is nothing there.

Quite literally, this is a big thing so I will need to be in on this.

Why are the guys at IconSiam being so secretive? No talk about the gold monorail line, no talk about Bangkok’s tallest tower.

Why not? Perhaps they don’t have the needed approvals yet? Then why spread all these rumors? Surely they must know that all rumors sooner or later end up with me and then I will have to deal with all this.

This way it won’t be a big surprise when they go official.

Obviously there is someone leaking information. Does this guy have permission to do so?

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